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Thursday, November 29, 2007 my lacey cupcakes in turqoise/aqua (?)

look at that people... normally here in this blog i posted food pics only. my readers know that its very rare for me to post any other pics. well its different this time. as you could see i looked so happy, after managed to decorate my cupcakes in turqoise/aqua colour.

the story: i did'nt tell anyone at home of what colour i wanna do. once i have done, i asked mom about what colour of frosting that she was looking at. i was like... "yippeee!", when she said turqoise immediately without need the time to think. that means, one mission accomplished here hehe... then my mom asked, "why?". so i told her that i juz wanna make sure that i got the colour i wanted right :)

"turquoise is normally a mix of green and blue, so depending on what exact shade you want to achieve, you will need both pale green and pale blue gel colours. add a dab of each and mix thoroughly, then adjust according to how you want the colour, more green, or more blue..."

i would like to say tqsm to Just Cupcakes! for the tips of making this colour i.e. turqoise/aqua

kechikkkkk!!!... what say you? ;)

btw these are all for my loved ones in kl. and as usual, my only wish is that they will like my cupcakes...

"KL AGAIN?", you asked? well yes... this time i am going here. say hi if you see me k? hehe...

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Sunday, November 25, 2007 mint chocolate cupcakes

i have been dying to try this recipe from the book 500 cupcakes & muffins by fergal connolly. it taste good... and hmm... whats more when the hershey's chocolate chips i used in the cupcakes melted... it make the cupcakes kinda moist, just like the moist chocolate cake. yummy... i guess thats why i read somewhere that we are advised to use a good quality chocolate to get the great taste! btw mom commented that it taste like a toothpaste lol...

i completed this after lunch, just on time for our tea time ;) so what about you people? what you had with your tea today?

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Monday, November 19, 2007 more cupcakes order going off to kl

this is all thanx to kak zaireen. after the first time she bought three boxes of Box of 9 during raya, she really promote my cupcakes to all her friends in kl. i know... why ordered here all the way in kuale, and not in kl itself? well... the most important thing here is that they like my cupcakes ;)

kak zaireen called me last week to place an order. i was so glad though that her friend wanted to buy my cupcakes for her son's birthday on this wednesday. since they didn't give any specs, only "apa-apa" (anything), i assume that its for guest. here's what i managed to do for her, blue & purple cupcakes, with a touch of yellow--

blue & yellow cupcakes

purple & yellow cupcakes

this one for kak zaireen

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Thursday, November 15, 2007 the day i attended a christmas cupcakes course

as soon as i arrived from kuale around noon, i drove right away to section 14 in pj, where ICCA located. i dropped-by secret recipe, that was only a few doors away from ICCA; for lunch. the class started from 1pm.

for those who dunno, i am a self-taught cupcakes maker. thus... i attended such class for the first time not just for the fun of it, but also to broaden my knowledge. besides that i also got the chance to have more circle of friends. back to the class, fyi that was the first time i tried a hand on fondant. it was fun and i enjoyed it so much!

i plan to go for more classes in the future. these are their schedule to-date (subject to change) --

january 2008

12(Sat) creative cupcakes! workshop I (basic level)
10.30am - 1.00pm, venue: desa sri hartamas

19(Sat) creative cupcakes! workshop I (basic level)
10.30am - 1.00pm, venue: desa sri hartamas

february 2008

23(Sat) creative cupcakes! workshop I (basic level)
11.00am - 1.30pm, venue: PJ sec 14

anyone wanna join me? click here for more info on the cupcakes class schedule.

alright people, am going to meet someone special tonight. she has just called me. it was supposed to be a surprise actually. but unfortunately things turned out the other way round. i will blog more about it in my main blog, after i met her ;)

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 girlish cupcakes for puteri's class party

a few weeks ago, i baked cupcakes with names for megat's classmates, together with his teachers. this time around is puteri's turn...

this is a pic of my work table. far behind were my two ovens and my new kenwood mixer ;)

these cupcakes were individually packed in a round clear box, ready to go for puteri's year-end class party tomorrow. all were pink, maroon and a touch of yellow for girls.

a close-up of one of the cupcakes.

these five were among all the girlish cupcakes i did for puteri's class party

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Sunday, November 11, 2007 cookies & cream cupcakes

this is again, from the book 500 cupcakes & muffin by fergal connolly. previously i tried peanut butter cupcakes. it was a hit i tell you. it finished by afternoon, the following day. take note that with a stick of butter, i can make an approximately more than 2 dozens of cupcakes. owh!... i so lurve this book, wait till i try more and more recipes.

in fact this morning i baked cookies & cream cupcakes. so when we say cookies and cream, its always synonym with oreo cookies! thus... i guess we could also called it oreo cupcakes. besides not just my kids, i love it sooo much too! we have all tried it. although its sooo sweet but we love it hmm.... yummy!!!... you could see it from megat's expression (right pic). especially puteri
and megat, whose eaten more than 3 pieces. yes! you read it right. they have ate 3 or more. after i snapped megat's pic, he told me that he wants to bring 3 of them to school tomorrow, for him to share them with his best friends. "you always make me proud mama!", megat told me ;)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007 multi-colour floral cupcakes

actually i baked more deepavali cupcakes this morning, to be given away to our indian friends. i also baked extra cupcakes for me to practise my piping skills, to make these--

wahh... looking back at my baking blog posting, looks like i have been baking three days in a row!

so, what do you people think of my multi-colour floral cupcakes? wohoo... what a colour huh?!! lol...

i placed all of these in an air-tight plastic container. then mom told me that she wanted all of those for some friends. it seems for her that its cute even though it has more than one or two colours of the floral hehe... anyhow thanks a lot mother for supporting me all this while!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 deepavali cupcakes

happy deepavali!

these cupcakes are for our neighbour and indian friends. i really hope that they will like my cupcakes -- not just for the henna design (read more about it here), but also the taste too!

this is all thanks to taste goblet for the great inspiration and most importantly, for letting me try a hand on the design ;) tqsm!!!

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Monday, November 05, 2007 peanut butter cupcakes

its been a week since our premise is (temporarily) closed for some renovation works. thus... i decided to bake this peanut butter cupcakes for tea time, just before i fetch puteri from school. so we dropped by a mini supermarket in town to buy butter right away!

i followed the recipe from the book 500 cupcakes & muffins by fergal connolly. its yummy i tell you, no matter with or without the peanut butter icing. at first i thought of making some swirls like what the book suggested. unfortunately the crunchy peanut butter i was using got a lil' bit of peanuts. but although its tiny, i still didn't manage to do it. besides that, the icing was a bit soft and creamy. at last i just spread it out onto the cupcakes ;)

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