Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Sunday, November 11, 2007 cookies & cream cupcakes

this is again, from the book 500 cupcakes & muffin by fergal connolly. previously i tried peanut butter cupcakes. it was a hit i tell you. it finished by afternoon, the following day. take note that with a stick of butter, i can make an approximately more than 2 dozens of cupcakes. owh!... i so lurve this book, wait till i try more and more recipes.

in fact this morning i baked cookies & cream cupcakes. so when we say cookies and cream, its always synonym with oreo cookies! thus... i guess we could also called it oreo cupcakes. besides not just my kids, i love it sooo much too! we have all tried it. although its sooo sweet but we love it hmm.... yummy!!!... you could see it from megat's expression (right pic). especially puteri
and megat, whose eaten more than 3 pieces. yes! you read it right. they have ate 3 or more. after i snapped megat's pic, he told me that he wants to bring 3 of them to school tomorrow, for him to share them with his best friends. "you always make me proud mama!", megat told me ;)

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