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Sunday, February 24, 2008 pink rose garden cupcakes

i have just finished baking these...

...and with that i shall call this set as 'pink rose garden cupcakes' ;)

i made this specially for one of my cashier's belated birthday. actually her birthday was on 10-feb. but since i missed it even to wish her, cuz i was damn busy in the last past weeks. i guess maybe i will surprise her tomorrow then, after our staff meeting. i just hope that she will like them :)


25-feb updates: she really surprised and was so touched by what we have planned for her. i am so glad that she lurves it! her truthful smiles proved it all...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 coffee bean's valentine's cupcakes

woh... looks like it's been quite some time since i didn't post anything here people :|

life has been so hectic i tell you... so while i was in ipoh earlier (for work of course), i managed to drop-by CB to buy my fav drink. i usually bought it if i have to drive home alone at night. as one of the regular customers there, the staff have been treated me well. they also know that i bake cupcakes. my wish now is to venture via their market. well, we'll see how far will this go...

besides my fav drink, i also bought two butter orange & poppy seed cupcakes, that cost at RM3.80/pc. its beautifully decorated with smooth royal icing to spread the message of LOVE! try it people...


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Friday, February 01, 2008 are you ready for valentine's?

guess what people... soon, i'll be making valentine's day cookies insya allah... normally i make a large tray every year for closed family and friends. after dinner, we all sit around and scarf down the cookies while talking about how much we don't need the calories... hah!

i make my cookies from scratch, but i use the traditional all-purpose flour, dairy and other ingredients. nothing like the valentine's day cookies made by the San Francisco Cookie Company. they use heart-healthy oats, whole grains and organic dairy. that would make one heck of a fabulous gourmet cookie!!! they even offer corporate gift boxes!!! what a yummy treat for your employees! you could also order some for valentine's day gifts ;)

check them out and see how they compare to yours. you can even consider it research which cancels out any and all calories. right? right?

hey, that's my story and i'm sticking to it! :o)


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