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Friday, June 20, 2008 the green & white laces

its been quite some time since i didn't do this signature design of mine. go here, here and here to view more of this designs. so when my cousin kak roza ordered some cupcakes just for 'makan-makan', with the 'apa-apa je lah' (anything) design and colour, i make them my own way... like for kechik's order last time (the one for guest), when you said 'apa-apa', so there goes apa-apa hehee...

this time kak roza's orders are in medium size. it was kinda tricky though to do some quite small swirly designs, compared to the one that i usually do in much bigger size.

together in that one batch of dough i also made some to be sent to a local club's cafe here in kuale. the cafe lady wants to sell my cupcakes there alhamdulillah... according to her it seems the cafe is quite busy in the morning for breakfast or morning break especially to government offices people nearby, bankers and also public. so for her its better if she could sell and help me to promote my cupcakes too. i will be sending my cupcakes there every two days, starting today insya allah... the cafe is closed on saturdays. i will blog about the club some other time. so make sure you come back here to find out about it. who knows maybe you can drop-by at the club's cafe when you are in town ;)

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