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Wednesday, October 08, 2008 tiffany & co (?)

my cupcakes are all ready for my former high school's OGA (short for old girl's association occay?) committee meeting later in the evening. during our last meeting in the mid of ramadhan, it was actually my grand auntie pah mimi's idea for us to have potluck for this meeting, since we are all still in the raya mood. then i was like— "wohoo!!!... i am only good in cupcakes, so i'll bring cupcakes ler kan? hehee...".

my butter cupcakes a bit shrink this time around :( so i came out with the idea to decorate them with a double swirl design. lotsa used of buttercream though i.e. doubleeeee!!! as usual. i am sure the senior citizens not keen with it. but anyhow they could always take out the buttercream, then eat the cupcakes instead, not a problem with that :)

in terms of taste, texture and such, my version of tiffany & co cupcakes *glurp* have been tested and passed thru my personal QS i.e. mama hehee...

* * * * *

in fact, i did the same colour for my lil' sis' last saturday, who as usual wanna served my cupcakes for her colleagues for the raya. i decorated hers with my signature design. she's the only malay in the office, so she opt for the very simple one! that is bring cupcakes and gave them away for raya treats :P

please go here to see the raya cupcakes i did for my lil' sis last year.

kuE's note:
interested in my cupcakes? kindly find out about the prices here.

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