Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Sunday, September 24, 2006 chocolate chip muffins for sahur

with effective today, all muslims will be starting to fast for one month. i am baking chocolate chip muffins for sahur, especially for my kids. they are already in bed though. this time i am doing this alone as puteri is having chicken-pox since 14th september. so at the same time i am up-dating this while waiting for one last tray in the oven actually.

i found the recipe from here and use hershey's chocolate chip instead of blueberry. why not you try to bake this muffin too. kids love it so much you know.

how about you people. what are you having for the first day of ramadhan this morning? don't you want to share it with us too?

kuE's note: i highly recommend all recipes site. the lists of recipes that they have are including everything from bread, dessert, pasta, etc. other than cakes and biscuits. one thing i like is that we could easily customize the recipe i.e. number of servings and convert the ingredients either to US standard or metric, as and when we like.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006 grandma's 79th birthday cupcakes

we celebrated our beloved grandmother's 79th birthday today. puteri and i baked some birthday cupcakes for her. we really had fun the whole night. well guess not much to say here— as usual pics always said a thousand words—

these were only the normal butter cupcakes with puteri's very own style of decorated them ;)

we prepared a box each for auntie yan and enda teh. they can't join us for grandma's birthday as megat is still having his chicken-pox at the moment.

these were specially hand-drawn by me ;)

can you guess of how many cupcakes had been arranged in this picture?

rear view

my 79 years old grandmother and i ;)
(pic taken by megat)

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