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Saturday, July 19, 2008 banana chip muffins

we had banana chip muffins (recipe by anne williamson, found at all recipes.com) for breakfast today. i guess the first time i baked this was last year. i remember that time puteri said that she smelled something like the traditional kuih 'cucur kodok' heheee... yea right!!! the bananas had to be mashed too that's why lol... anyhow you can go here to try the cucur kodok recipe.

i was so glad to see the looks of my kids happily eating healthy homemade breakfast. that really makes me as a mother feel sooo good i tell you. see people... aren't homemade breakfast wonderful? try it and you won't regret it! in fact it was so simple-- just chuck everything in the mixing bowl cuz for muffin you only need to moisten the batter that's all then... wolla!!! the best thing is this recipe doesn't use butter, but vegetable oil instead. it took me less than 15 minutes only to prepare the batter. cooking time is +/- 25 minutes. and without you realizing it, they already finished in no time at all heheee...

kuE's note:
if you agreed with me on the goodness of having homemade breakfast, read more about this here.

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