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Monday, June 05, 2006 another

last night we baked surprise cupcake again, as requested by megat. look at megat's pic. he really loves to eat them with whipped cream, without the strawberry fruit ;)

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Sunday, June 04, 2006 surprise cupcake

we baked this for breakfast this morning. we got the recipe from tempt, cupcakes to excite by betty saw. megat loves it so much that he asked us to bake more of this tonight ;)

well not just megat but my mom loves it too. i guess maybe because the 'surprise' was the strawberry filling. not forgetting fresh milk too that makes the cakes look yummy hmm...

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welcome all!

hello there people around the world...

at last we have created a blog specially for our baking hobby. lucky me when i found this nice blogger template by caz, suitable for this type of blog. i thought about this immediately after i read
QC's last comment on my blog. maybe she was so tension looking at none other than food pics only there hehe...

here's the links about our journey through baking from my previous blog--

here's another
one for the weekend
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one ain't never enough (this one without pic, sorry ;) )
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now since we have sign-up another account for this, i guess its better this way, right people. whatever it is enjoy!

kuE's note: all pics that gonna be published here will be taken with my nokia 6680 unless otherwise stated.

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