Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Friday, June 27, 2008 kuE's cupcakes went down south

as soon as i found out from CK that rose was coming to singapore from yesterday, i quickly contacted rose and make some secret arrangements with her. believe it or not... CK never try my cupcakes yet. this like kinda a mission. so on the very late tuesday evening, i baked some medium size butter cupcakes and decorate them with buttercream frosting as usual.

once its done, i placed them nicely in cake boxes. then i wrap them with aluminium foil, and again with brown papers this time. you may say it sounds troublesome, but this way especially with the aluminium foil will avoid the cupcakes from being ruin because of the surrounding heatness insya allah... i learned this from "a friend" who used to work with pizza hut before. if you are so clever enough you could notice that i also labeled the boxes with some arrow signs showing up. thats to warn people to handle the boxes with care during transportation ;)

and this pic taken via rose' camera fon, after they have opened the box hehee... sure lama giler you all wanna unwrap that kan? :) i think the cupcakes look kinda o-k-a-y, only the shape run a bit here and there on some of them. its alright, we will improve more on that in the future. the most important thing is the thought that counts AND... that they lurve my cupcakes. CK text me very early this morning. it seems that lil' yasmin ate four pieces in one go... *bigger grin*

see... its not that hard to surprise your loved ones right. as you could see, i loved surprises. some of the recent ones before this was for megat's mini birthday party. he really didn't expect that it gonna turned so special even though it was just a small party with very closed family. what when both my sisters came all the way from kl. while i send a gift box of birthday cupcakes for my cousin fek in ipoh, in april. read more about it here. plus many more. sometimes the plan was a bit screwed up like this one... hah!

so maybe you people may asked, of how did i transport those cupcakes to rose. well its all thanks to transnasional. you can discuss with the driver whether you wanna him to drop your package at transnasional counter in puduraya or hentian putra' station. simple as that! and with a very minimal service charge, it is so worth it! now for those of you people in kl who wanna try my cupcakes, just holla...


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