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Monday, October 27, 2008 race car cupcakes

i bake some cupcakes yesterday, to surprise a nephew shahriman whose 9th birthday falls today, on deepavali day. i only managed to decorate the cupcakes just now as i had to attend a cousin's wedding in ipoh last night.

as shahriman is more into motorsports, mother suggested that we should buy the same car chocolate that i did for another nephew daniel. luckily a local supermarket still sells that. this time i didn't unwrap the car chocolate, but placed them exactly as it is on the decorated cupcakes instead. i guess it looks much real that way.

we gonna bring the kids plus shahriman for breakfast at mcD in ipoh later. we will see of where we shall surprise shahriman with his race car birthday cupcakes. do check back my personal blog later for the updates :~)

kuE's note:
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