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Friday, September 26, 2008 How To Make Double Layered Chocolate Cake

There are a number of Q&A websites like Yahoo Answers, Yedda and Grupthink among others, that have recently emerged to embrace a large number of users looking to get their questions answered. VideoJug takes a slightly different approach to helping people to find answers online. VideoJug is a video website with International, UK and US versions, focused on helping to explain life in 'how to' videos. VideoJug helps to answer questions like:

How To Make Roast Beef?
How To Make Apple Crumble?
How To Make A Bellini Cocktail?

In fact they have nearly 1,000 video recipes within their website. Besides we can just go to Food Recipes link to find for more recipes.

VideoJug produces several of the videos itself but also offers users the ability to upload their own 'how to' videos. VideoJug 'how to' videos are accompanied by a transcribed version of the instructions which can be uploaded to an iPod or printed in text version. Videos are categorized into a number of different categories which all offer RSS feeds of the content. Registered users are offered the ability to save their favorite videos. VideoJug viral hooks include the ability to share videos via email and embed videos into other sites (as shown below in the How To Make Double Layered Chocolate Cake video).

Description: Double Layered Chocolate Cake recipe. The use of coffee in the cake gives it an intense flavor that is sure to please even the most dedicated cake enthusiast. Auww!!!... I sooo wanna try this some day. I know that I will love the taste of this double layered chocolate cake.

Bottom-line: If you are trying to figure out 'how to' do something new you might want to search VideoJug for some visual directions.

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