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Sunday, October 14, 2007 pink theme cupcakes for kak zaireen

i am so glad that kak zaireen loves her cupcakes. she told me to bake for her as much as i could, but at least she needs a minimum of three boxes of box of 9. she understand my situation as she saw me at work ;) anyhow i managed to bake five boxes for her! plus one extra for grandmother, who wanted to give someone as a gift.

kak zaireen dropped-by just on time, when i wanted to arrange the cupcakes in the boxes accordingly (refer right pic). after the 'kiss-kiss', she smiled, looking at all those cupcakes.

an uncle and his family from taman melawati in kl were here too that time. he kept asking whether i did some extras for him to buy.

but... suddenly kak zaireen said, "its alright. i korbankan two boxes...", while pushed two boxes towards them.

"how about you?", they asked.

" i could ask kuE to bake more and pass them to her sister on wednesday".

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