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Friday, October 17, 2008 personalized cupcakes

personalized cupcakes

megat was so happy yesterday that he got the chance to make with me; the cupcakes for his classmates meant as a raya treat. you can view last years' one here. take note that i like the above pic— its all been explained here. you can see the movement of megat's hand placing the paper cups in its place. we can also see megat's expressions. nice.

megat helped me to do some simple things though like beating the eggs, putting the ingredients in the mixer, placing the paper cups and sort. he's not that brave to weigh the ingredients yet though. he afraid that he won't do it right. anyhow i will still let him try very soon.

we just make do with a simple design with the children's name, as long as we could assure that the children would be as happy as megat, especially when they would have their own cupcakes with their own name written on it. i know they would. tell me which kids don't right.

my oly is with megat. i will get it back during his recess time. i can't wait to see the children's faces.

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