Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Tuesday, October 09, 2007 kuE's kenwood patissier mx270

finally... i bought myself this machine (RM1,339.00) to help us in the kitchen. well actually i didn't think of getting it today. it was all just by co-incidence ;) but of course its already in my wish list for quite some time.

i had to go and collect some of the pos material from our ISO. as usual we took the chance to drop-by kinta city. at first i was so happy that i found 2-pieces cake tier set that i have been looking for. i bought 2 sets of those. in my case, i wanna use it to display my cupcakes. maybe i will start using it during this upcoming hari raya hehe... can't wait! i will load pics then.

after we kept our things that we bought earlier in the car, we went back to the mall again, when puteri and my sis told me that they saw quite a number of nice and cute mixer on sale. arrghhh!!!... i knew it that i really need one, to make my life easier :)

the product on display was red in colour. i chose white instead, as it could match most of our baking stuff i.e. our oven is white. owh... i dunno whether i could sleep well tonight. the thing is... am gonna start baking the hari raya cupcakes orders very soon!

o yes... would you all people believe me that all this while we mixed the ingredients all by ourselves, by hand hehe... i told this to kechik when we met a few weeks ago. she was like-- "haa?!!". lol...

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