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Sunday, June 01, 2008 the many boy faces cupcakes

blimey! what a great co-incidence that this special 100th' post is about megat's birthday cupcakes. and as usual, here's a screenshot of my blogspot' dashboard as a proof.

alright then... while we are waiting for lil' safiya, let me show you people of megat's birthday cupcakes--

this time its chocolate cupcakes, recipe found from here.

while the cupcakes design were inspired by This Mama Cooks!' baby face cupcakes. even though she make those for baby shower, i find that they are suitable for boys too :0)

actually i did dream of trying to make ben 10' cupcakes using fondant; but unfortunately i am not good at sculpturing it yet like this ipoh mali gal huhu... anyhow, what ever it is, i don't care ler as long as megat lurves them too! ;) go here to view the mini birthday party pics.

kuE's note:
go here and here to see what i baked for megat on the same day last year :)

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