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Thursday, May 22, 2008 teacher's day cupcakes

today i baked teacher's day cupcakes for megat's class teacher. he gonna bring this tomorrow, for their school's teacher's day celebration. the best thing was i didn't remember that the class teacher for this year is a guy. so at first i already thought of piping cute florals on the cupcakes. luckily megat reminded me on our way back from his school-- "ma, my lǎo shī this year is a guy. so what cupcakes you gonna do for him?". "o ya.. i will think of something", i told him.

so here you go... face cupcakes for lǎo shī--

the designs are all inspired by the many wonderful face cupcakes pics on flickr.

i am so glad that megat is so happy with my creations. he also said that he is so proud of me, for doing all the wonderful things for him. owh dear... how sweet of you! i guess thats because mama lurve you so much!!! mwahh...

and as usual, of course i have to make some extras for the kids. well, besides that, guess who loves cupcakes too? hehe... anyhow i decided to keep those for breakfast tomorrow, just to surprise them :) meaning that i didn't tell them that i have some extras. if you could see, i love to surprise people!

kuE's note:
if you are interested with this, then you may go here and here to view my past creations for teacher's day.

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