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Saturday, December 22, 2007 kuE's cupcakes sold here

yes people... if you are craving for my cupcakes and happened to be around here, just holla! you can buy them as low as one piece only. but its all depends on your luck though as the cupcakes are selling fast alhamdulillah...

fyi its been almost a week now since i first started to sell my cupcakes at our premise. i just placed them at the cashier' counter, in a clear box covered container (refer pic) for an easy view. that way really attracted our customers ;) the best thing is they were kind of stunned after found out from my cashier of whom the cupcake baker lol... why? tarak percaya ka kikikiii...

well actually i baked some engagement cupcakes for two orders by kay's friend last night. i only frosted the cupcakes early this morning. then as soon as my lil' sis helped me to pack them nicely, she (kay's friend) came to pick-up her order. i was like wahhhhh... i didn't even have the chance to take pics yet!!! so after she left, i quickly sms kay to ask her friend to snap some pics for me. i really hope that she did. once done of course i wanna load them in flickr and here :)

so basically the engagement cupcakes were not that much different from the one in the pic especially in terms of the colour. the one above (refer pic) were some extras that i baked to be sold in our premise.

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