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Thursday, November 29, 2007 my lacey cupcakes in turqoise/aqua (?)

look at that people... normally here in this blog i posted food pics only. my readers know that its very rare for me to post any other pics. well its different this time. as you could see i looked so happy, after managed to decorate my cupcakes in turqoise/aqua colour.

the story: i did'nt tell anyone at home of what colour i wanna do. once i have done, i asked mom about what colour of frosting that she was looking at. i was like... "yippeee!", when she said turqoise immediately without need the time to think. that means, one mission accomplished here hehe... then my mom asked, "why?". so i told her that i juz wanna make sure that i got the colour i wanted right :)

"turquoise is normally a mix of green and blue, so depending on what exact shade you want to achieve, you will need both pale green and pale blue gel colours. add a dab of each and mix thoroughly, then adjust according to how you want the colour, more green, or more blue..."

i would like to say tqsm to Just Cupcakes! for the tips of making this colour i.e. turqoise/aqua

kechikkkkk!!!... what say you? ;)

btw these are all for my loved ones in kl. and as usual, my only wish is that they will like my cupcakes...

"KL AGAIN?", you asked? well yes... this time i am going here. say hi if you see me k? hehe...

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