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Monday, November 19, 2007 more cupcakes order going off to kl

this is all thanx to kak zaireen. after the first time she bought three boxes of Box of 9 during raya, she really promote my cupcakes to all her friends in kl. i know... why ordered here all the way in kuale, and not in kl itself? well... the most important thing here is that they like my cupcakes ;)

kak zaireen called me last week to place an order. i was so glad though that her friend wanted to buy my cupcakes for her son's birthday on this wednesday. since they didn't give any specs, only "apa-apa" (anything), i assume that its for guest. here's what i managed to do for her, blue & purple cupcakes, with a touch of yellow--

blue & yellow cupcakes

purple & yellow cupcakes

this one for kak zaireen

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