Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Sunday, December 16, 2007 red velvet cupcakes...

...topped with cream cheese frosting. its sooo yummy, that not just kids love them, but adults too! recipe found from here.

it was my first time baking red velvet cupcakes. previously i always saw pictures of them in my flickr cupcakes group. i could say that i have been sooo eager to try it one day. so here we are, on my mom's 59th birthday, no birthday cupcakes, but only this. i am gonna bake birthday cupcakes tonight anyway for puteri and my sis' birthday tomorrow.

eventually who ever came to me would say this-- "hah?!!... its sooo... red!!!", thats include both puteri and megat, and my sister hehee... yes she's here, since we came back from kl that sunday night, after watched the jazz show of live & loud '07 on a friday.

btw back to the 'red colour cupcakes', normally only cupcake bakers are aware about this type of cupcakes ;) like i said earlier, adults love it too including me! its sooo yummy... especially when the cupcakes really blend well with the cream cheese frosting. it was my first time making that type of frosting too. lurve it! it was very nice. even my cousin sarah whose also a doctor, ate the whole thingy with no worries at all of her diet :P

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