Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Monday, December 17, 2007 the 17th dec' birthday cupcakes

my sister and puteri shared the same birth date. so here i am... just uploaded the birthday cupcakes pics in flickr and here. this time with 2.5 sticks butter, i baked approximately half butter and half chocolate cupcakes from it. the trick was, i blended the whole thingy (in other word: ingredients) with mixer as usual. then after i added the flour, i placed half of the batter in a mixing bowl. i used the one in the mixing bowl as my butter cupcakes. while the one in the mixer, i let it to continue mixing for chocolate cupcakes hehe... kewl... i saved some time there ;)

with that, i did two sets of colours for the buttercream frosting. my sister's one was pink and white. as you could see in the pic, one cupcakes missing there. why? i guess i will blog about it later in my main blog. if i carry on writing, i will stuck here for hours lol... tak lah :)

while the other set was for puteri, thats in purple and white. but unfortunately i am so sorry that the pics did not do any justice at all. it looks grey (?) in here.

i placed the birthday cupcakes in two cupcake tiers that i bought at ICCA, the same day i attended christmas cupcakes class. it looks so cute and presentable, even auntie yan asked me to buy for her too, if happened i go there again ;)

since the new cupcake tier only can fit 13 cupcakes, i placed the rest of the cupcakes in other cake tiers that we bought during last raya.

all in all, i am glad that everyone loves my cupcakes. some of the guest even asked me whether they could bring some home ;)

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