Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Saturday, October 13, 2007 the day i am still baking raya cupcakes...

...while everyone were celebrating raya. thats right. our house was full of guest, while i was busy in the kitchen, decorating raya cupcakes for kay's auntie this morning. take note that i didn't take pic of her order cuz its the same with my raya cupcakes sample. the one on the left was my sis, arranging truffle made by her, and raya cupcakes made by me.

a cousin-in-law, kak zaireen was very interested, after she tasted one. she immediately ordered five boxes of box of 9. since she's gonna go back to kl tomorrow, i had to bake hers tonight. as you could see, i am in the mid of baking while i took the chance to blog lol... ;) anyhow i will only do the frosting tomorrow morning though, as kak zaireen will only be going back in the afternoon. so do not forget to check-out pics of her pink theme cupcakes tomorrow hehe...

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hari raya'07 cupcakes

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