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Saturday, April 19, 2008 choc cake with basket weave design

argghhh!!!... its been ages (?) since the last time i baked big cakes. as some of you people know, i am so into cupcakes! a primary school teacher called me on last monday to order a chocolate cake-- basically the most important thing was she told me that she wanted chocolate cake, and the rest i.e. colour, design etc., was "up to you"... hah! that was the difficult part. so here's the end result--

kuE's note: click on the image for a larger pic.

since there's no particular specs provided, i just did it my own way hehe... i decorated the side of the round cake with basket weave design that i learned from this site. that was in fact my second trial though. the first one was during last raya (see here).

i felt so relieved that everything turned OOOkay... *phew* the cake is now ready to be collected at 11am.

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