Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Friday, March 07, 2008 cupcake chic

i dropped by newly opened boutique store selling just CUPCAKES at the curve recently. the main reason i was there in kl to watch harry connick jr! hehe... the show was absolutely wonderful i tell you... i really loved it! read more about it here.

alright back to our main topic here, the prices are quite attractive. go here for the list of menu and prices. just like coffee beans' cupcakes, i would rather let you all compare the taste of their cupcakes yourself. i do not wanna be labeled as bias, cuz like you people know i also bake and sell cupcakes! ;)

i bought 1/2 a dozen of cupcakes there--ref. to the above pic, from top to bottom, left to right--back to basics (vanilla cake with vanilla frosting), naughty 'n nice (vanilla cake with chocolate frosting), fatal attraction (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting) and red velvet (red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting).

if some of you could still remember, i tried baking my own red velvet cupcakes before. it was sooo yummy i tell you and everyone loved them sooo much! if you people wanna know roughly of how it is like, buy one and try it yourself ya?

so what are you all waiting for people... head on down to cupcake chic now! o ya... there's one thing i would like to warn you people--in my humble opinion, i guess their staff are tooooo friendlyyyyy... hah!


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