Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Friday, June 01, 2007 race track cake for megat

some of you people may know already that we were baking megat's 8th birthday cake! this time we used the book " kid's party ideas, exciting party themes your kids will love" as a reference. it was kinda fun trying to bake all these. as per the example in the book, they baked the 'number 8' cake with sport theme. but i did mine as race track instead. that's because megat's birthday party on 30th june is gonna be sports theme. so i thought we should save that type of cake for the party. confused? well since megat's birthday falls on school holidays, we have to postpone the party to a much later date. to cut the story short, most of his school friends requested it such as they wanna spend the school holidays elsewhere. thus you will know very soon of why they like to come to our party so much ;) besides that, the other two weekends after that will be spend at weddings, thats why...

so for now, we gonna have a potluck with auntie yan and enda teh, not forgetting megat's cousin at 11 am. darn! i should be sleeping by now. alright then... i will update more later maybe in my main blog. t-t-f-n !

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