Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Sunday, April 13, 2008 ice cream cone cupcakes

nothing to do on a sunday, suddenly felt to try a hand to bake these--

inspired by all the great cupcakes pics on flickr i.e. here. the frosting a bit soft this time, thus the not-so-nice-swirl 8)

look at how my nephew shahriman 'ate' the cupcake hehe... *slurp!* its as though he ate it like a real ice cream lol... :~)

as you could see people, earlier the kids dunno that i was baking these. it was a surprise for them you see. i was just finished baking, when shahriman arrived at noon with his grandparents and brother didin. so i quickly kept the ice cream cone cupcakes in a plastic container and hide them.

i only made the buttercream frosting when it was time for tea. kids were busy watching tv. once i have ready and placed the cupcakes nicely on a plate with doily paper, i called them. they were like-- "ahhhhh..." and "ohhhhh..."

don't you people think that this is great to be served for a kid's birthday party?

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