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Sunday, January 27, 2008 OLD club 1st gathering

yay! to Our Little Design (OLD) Club's 1st gathering:--
date: 26 january 2007 (saturday)
time: +/- 4 to 6pm
location: marche movenpick, the curve

kuE's note:
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i was the earliest to reach there, all thanks to the community programme in grik that has been rescheduled to friday evening.

so once i reached home from the grik trip, i baked some of my signature design cupcakes (of course!) in pink (OLD club colour); packed them individually in silver butterfly clear plastic boxes. i didn't post about this in the blog as soon as i baked them as usual, because i wanna surprise all the great ladies that i met that day. i just hope that they like my kind of butter cupcakes with buttercream frosting. for me, i just love all the gifts that i received from them. we definitely gonna do this again for sure.

all i could say about that evening is that i really can't express the excitement meeting the ladies of OLD club in words. i guess i will just let the pics do the talking-bear my tired eyes, cuz i have been working so hard--

oh yes... i just wanna tell you people also that i met one of my sister's kl flickr friend, han ghazi. hmm... how do i expect that although i baked the kl flickr cupcakes almost a year ago, i still got great feedbacks about it. eventually han is one of my cupcakes fan hehe... so i gave out the balance cupcakes that i brought to her. how glad i am to see another happy face there :)

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