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Saturday, February 03, 2007 butter cream icing vs buttercream frosting

today we baked cupcakes again (and again)! lol... well actually we wanted to bake some cuppies for my cousin yasmin whose celebrating her 4th birthday tomorrow. hmm... i guess i will post yasmin's cupcakes pics tomorrow also yea... and as usual, we used some of the extra cupcakes as trial for us to decorate them. eventually the pattern that i did this time was exactly the same one like our shortbread biscuits except that this time it was a bit tiny ;)

kuE's note: for me, i prefer buttercream frosting instead, since i first tried it a few weeks ago. the texture was of course more soft and easy to pipe-out. you could see the difference here and here for butter cream icing. how about you—what's your choice?

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