Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 everywhere cupcakes

yes! its like a trend these days, that cupcakes are the 'in' thingy no matter where ever you are in the world. we didn't want to be left out too. so we baked some cuppies for puteri's class party today. at first we thought of writing an invidual names of the classmates, with butter icing on each cupcakes. unfortunately dunno what when wrong as we were not able to make it. so we just end up with a very simple one though ;)

actually i've been longing to try to decorate the cuppies as good as these—

by kylie lambert

by kylie lambert (too!)

by SG CupcakeMomma

by SarahDayCupcake

by dave_apple

by CakesbyShara

and many many more... fyi all those pics featured here were all taken from the group World of MUFFINS & CUPCAKES that i joined in flickr. they were all my inspirations. well... i guess maybe someday... yes, someday... ;)

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