Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Friday, January 26, 2007 car chocolate cupcakes for daniel

my passion for cupcakes are soooo deep that both puteri and i decided to bake cupcakes for my nephew daniel's (puteri's cousin) birthday party tomorrow. yes, we'll be there!

as usual, we baked butter cupcakes last night. while for the cream, this time i did buttercream frosting. its all thanks to diana's desserts for the wonderful recipe that i've been searching for quite some time. the recipe was just rather same like what i did for butter cream. but for frosting, i just have to add milk and vanilla essence. since we were doing cupcakes for my nephew, i had to ensure that the design were suitable for boys ;)

we found chocolate cars (kandos product) at a local supermarket, thus the design were as such, very simple—

for the extra cupcakes, i did this just to brushen-up my piping skills—

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