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Saturday, May 19, 2007 chocolate surprise cupcakes

i baked this early in the morning, to try out this recipe that i found at all recipes. guess what people. i took my shower as soon as i awoke at 5.30 am, then i headed straight to the kitchen. i was kinda excited and cannot wait to bake this, cuz when i first read the recipe, i thought that it was an easy one. true! wonderful! its kinda moist and creamy. please note that even by the time i post this, my mom ate three already! btw i tried to add-up butter cream frosting on top for the fun of it. at the same time, i was trying out my skills in making the swirls hehe... (alright, what do you think of the swirls? i juz thought that it looks a lot better than my previous one of course). surprisingly, its blend nicely with the cake when eaten together ;)

one thing. this recipe do not use butter, just like the banana chip muffins i baked last month. what a co-incidence huh?!! its not that i simply wanna find a recipe without butter :P

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"rich chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese and chocolate chip center. also known as black bottom cupcakes."

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