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Sunday, April 29, 2007 cupcakes for the newly-wed cousin

i was busy for a trip to damai laut and some jobs to be done there. don't forget to check back my main blog for the updates. anyhow we still squeeze-in some time to prepare cupcakes for my newly-wed cousin charlie and his wife before we go. they were here for another wedding reception in kuale yesterday.

we baked those cupcakes on friday night. then we kept them in some air-tight containers and placed them in the fridge. i asked mom to take it out this morning, then cool it down at room temperature. the cupcakes were just nice to have it during lunch today at home, before they went back to kl. hmm... guess what people. not enough of eating our cuppies here, they even 'tapau' some back to kl lol... while yat took back the whole plastic container with the 'C&H' initial (refer above pics: below left).

and here's a pic of part of our newly-added-extended family. pic also showed charlie there who was taking pics of our cuppies, watched by yat. oh yes... i brought some to damai laut yesterday you know. and we were glad that they all love our cuppies so much!!! ;) in fact they also asked us about the pricing already. wahhh!!!... how ler...

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