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Friday, August 31, 2007 malaysiaku gemilang

as you could see, we didn't want to be left out baking merdeka themed stuff especially for the 50th merdeka day celebration. while i was half way making the logo, i brought it in front of the tv while watching this! lol...

this time we baked one round butter cake. i was upstairs when i heard the oven rang 'ting', meaning that the baking time
setting has stop.

at first we thought of decorating it nicely. i took some time to come down. when i did, the cake was left half only. relatives who were here can't resist to eat it. so they took the cake out and cut it themself. it seems that its good to be eaten fresh from the oven :P

the technique i did for the logo is called 'frozen buttercream transfer'. that was my first attempt doing it you know. its an easy way to make a design for the top of a cake, because it is prepared 'off-cake', it doesn't matter if it goes wrong first time. if you don't have cling wrap/film to hand, you can use greaseproof paper instead.

  1. make the top design first. place a sheet of cling film on top. pipe over the outline of the design accordingly.

  2. fill in the outline using bags filled with different coloured icing. if you are using greaseproof piping bags, you don't need to use piping nozzles. simply fold over the end of the bag to close it and to force the icing down towards the end. the snip a tiny triangle off the end.

  3. lay another sheet of cling film over the top of the design. place a second cake board on top and gently squeeze together. turn the whole thing over and remove the uppermost board. using a soft circular motion, gently rub the buttercream through the cling film so that the icing fills all the gaps. prick any air bubbles with a pin to remove them. place in the freezer for at least two hours.

  4. to prepare the cake, make sure the top of the cake is as flat as possible.

  5. when the design is frozen, remove the cake board and peel away the bottom layer of cling film. place the design on top of the cake and peel away the top sheet of cling film.

helpful tip: you can prepare your top design up to a month in advance and store it in the freezer.

source: parragon kids' party ideas


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