Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Friday, October 27, 2006 shahriman's 7th birthday cake

both of my sisters joined us in the kitchen today. well it was a last minute plan actually. we were on the way back from ipoh, after bought nephew shahriman's present that we thought of baking a birthday cake for him too ;)

i bought kids' party ideas book from mph few weeks ago. so for sure we got the idea this time from that book. we baked an 8" square cake. then my two sisters cut it in to the number seven shape. for the wording, we just print-out the words on a piece of paper and stick it on the tray. oh yes, we placed the cake on home's ikea white plastic tray since we don't have any cake board. you could view the pics below. what do you think?

so many hands there lol... ;)

side view

cake baked by puteri and i, decorated by my two sisters :)

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