Let's Bake with Puteri & I
Thursday, October 05, 2006 chocolate cupcakes (again?)

yes, we baked chocolate cupcakes again. but this time we use ladan miller's recipe as submitted in all recipes site. these were quick and easy to make, wonderful! from a glance, we could find that both were almost the same. well if you asked me, i would prefer this one better than the previous one. this one came out moist with good flavour, and a bit chewy, not too sweet. i also doubled the recipe and made about four dozens! i know this is too much. my kids requested it because they love chocolate so much. i will for sure bake this again and again.

anyhow, isn't it good we shared some with other people especially during this ramadhan month? that's what i did. i gave some to our punjabi neighbours and other relatives too.

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